NTC Moves Record Turbine Blades

NTC Moves Record Turbine Blades

Freight carrier NTC Logistics has delivered a shipment of 48 wind turbine blades from India to Laem Chabang in Thai­land.

The blades were transported via Deendayal Port in Gujarat and were the longest yet handled in India. Each blade measured 67.2 meters and the cargo weighed 81,000 tonnes.

“NTC’s own vehicles were used for moving the blades over a distance of 500 kilometers, with the vehicle being specially designed for the 67.2-meter blades,” an NTC spokesperson said.

Registered in Chennai, India, NTC Logistics is a member of the WCA Projects network, which connects freight forwarders and project cargo companies around the world.

Photo: Turbine blades. Credit: NL